Cabarete News Paddle Boarding SUP Video

How to stand up paddle board

Zane Schweitzer from Starboard has a lovely video teaching us the basics of stand up paddle boarding. He runs us through the equipment used and then on to some of the techniques to standing and paddling a board. Stand up paddling boarding is a great activity to stay active when the wind is light. In Cabarete, the mornings are usually much calmer and are great for paddling.

For more information about stand up paddling boarding, visit Green Water Sports, where they have several tutorials and video guides.

News Paddle Boarding SUP Video

A guide to inflatable stand up paddle board construction

Green Water Sports have published a guide to inflatable paddle board construction. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are especially interesting as they are very portable and you can easily check them in on flights, put them in the trunk of a car or store them easily in an apartment. Once you hit the beach, just inflate the board and you’re off paddling.

Introduced for the 2016 model year, Red Paddle Co developed a technology called MSL. Monocoque Structural Laminate or MSL is where the layers of a previously glued board are now heat laminated or fused together. Creating an exceptionally strong and stiff board, without the weight penalty or human error of glue. While MSL is the trademarked name, Fusion Construction is the general term to cover this style of inflatable SUP construction.

Adopted by several other inflatable paddle board manufacturers since, Fusion Construction has seen the popularity of inflatable SUPs boom. They are now an even more appealing option over traditional hard boards. Companies other than Red Paddle Co that have adopted Fusion Construction include: Starboard and Fanatic.

For the full write up of inflatable paddle board construction details, head over to Green Water Sports, the experts in all things inflatable paddle boards!

News Paddle Boarding SUP Video

Tips for beginner SUP paddlers

Our light wind friends over at Green Water Sports posted an article recently about stand up paddle boarding basics. At the CKB Webcam, we like our light wind activities. We like to keep ourselves busy while we wait for the wind, so the real sports can begin. Just kidding! We love paddling as much as kiting, it’s a nice relaxed and peaceful ying to kiteboarding’s fast pace, always on, high jumpingĀ yang.

Anyway, they posted an article about stand up paddle board basics and featured the video below by Fanatic SUP.

For the full article about stand up paddle boarding fundamentals, head to Green Water Sports and their article entitled: Fanatic’s video guide to inflatable stand up paddle board basics.