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Full size inflatable SUP that packs into a small back pack!

Want to travel lighter? Don’t we all. Travel, hike and paddle new places with the Red Paddle Co 12′ x 32″ Compact inflatable paddle board.

Recently review by Green Water Sports, the 12′ Compact by Red Paddle Co features full size SUP performance and characteristics, but packs down into a much smaller and lighter back pack.

The Red Paddle 12’0″ Compact inflatable SUP is designed with the adventurous paddler in mind. It is full of features and unique to Red Paddle Co innovations. This inflatable paddle board is a great match for paddlers who are passionate about travelling further than anyone before with the convenience of a super compact full feature package.

The 12’ x 32″ Compact inflatable paddle board’s increased length makes it a perfect board for the ultimate explorer who wants to travel the world.

See more details on the Red Paddle Co 12′ Compact.

News Paddle Boarding SUP

Our favourite Fanatic inflatable stand up paddle boards

In the down time between windy days, or in the mornings before the wind builds, we have come to love Fanatic paddle boards. They have created several boards in their line up that just seem to work so well. We’ll outline 2 ranges of boards here. First off the Fly or more specifically, the Fly Air range of paddle boards. Modelled on their Fly hard board range, the Fly Air inflatable SUP range feature 3 models in 9’8″ x 32″, 10’4″ x 33″ and 10’8″ x 34″.

With the Fanatic inflatable paddle board Fly Air range, they created all encompassing SUPs that can serve almost everyone. 9’8″ up to 10’8″ and 32 out to 34″ fits the needs of most people looking to get on the water and have a good time. The boards come in 2 construction versions. The Fly Air utilises the single skin approach – great for those looking to get on the water on a budget. Green Water Sports recently wrote a review of the Fanatic Fly Air 10’4″. Then you have the Fly Air Premium models. Double layer light or fusion construction, is Fanatic’s top of the line and feature rich construction. Including a windsurf sail mount, these boards are the bees knees!

The second model is the Stubby. Available in both composite, aka hard construction, and as an inflatable as the Stubby Air Premium, the Stubby is the surf focused board with all-condition specifications. Wide at 29.5″ but relatively short, or should I say stubby, at just 8’6″ this board is a hoot to paddle and doubles as a great compact windsurf board as well!

Head on over to our paddle boarding expert friends at Green Water Sports, for all things related to stand up paddle boarding and sourcing the best inflatable paddle boards.

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When the wind drops, stay active with stand up paddle boarding

In the early days, kitesurfing relied on winds above about 12 knots. Now though, the wind minimum is lower with the rise of foil boarding. However, the even lighter wind days can be a drag sometimes. In steps stand up paddling boarding.

After 10 years of sitting on the beach, waiting for the wind to pick up, I discovered paddle boarding. It turned into a great way to pass the time on those light wind mornings, or days.

Back when I started paddling (about 9 years ago), stand up paddle boards were large, clunky things that weren’t easy to handle, move or store, let alone travel with. Allow me to introduce the inflatable stand up paddle board. As kiters, we’re used to blown up sporting toys, so the inflatable SUP, or iSUP, isn’t too far of a stretch for us to understand and potentially enjoy.

Inflatable stand up paddle board industry leaders, Red Paddle Co, have been developing exclusively inflatable SUPs since 2008. With this experience, they’ve developed some amazing boards, several of which have appeared in my quiver at one point or another. Anyway, an inflatable SUP means we are extremely mobile, just like we are with our kites. Imagine an entire inflatable SUP, leash and paddle packed down to about the size of 2 packed kites. Or, in the case of the new 9’6″ Compact by Red Paddle Co, the whole lot is as big as one kite packed down!

Armed with this knowledge, the family purchased an inflatable SUP and we don’t travel without it. It’s great for me to get out on days when the wind is light, keep fit and active, and be ready for when the wind does turn on. Not only that, the family get to enjoy it and be on the water too. A recent trip to the river mouth allowed the kids to paddle around freely, no chop, no waves.