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Which inflatable SUP pump is best?

On days with no wind, I usually head out to paddle board. While I head to the water with my board, when I encounter people on the beach or other kiters trying to pass the time waiting for the wind, the first question I’m asked when I head out to paddle board is “Where did you get that, and how much is it?” Well, I explain where to get one and how much they cost and then I go into how it is an inflatable paddle board and it packs down into a small bag. They usually take another look at me with a “really?” and then the board and they realise it does look a bit different to the other boards, it does have a valve for inflation. Then the next question is, right after they feel the board and how tight it is inflated is, how long does it take to pump up?

Well I go into a quick explanation of “it takes about 4-8 minutes depending on the board and volume etc, and yes you can use an electric pump if you’re lazy.” Anyway, aside from the personal joy I get from announcing it is inflatable and singing the boards praises for practicality and performance, and them trying to think when they’ll be getting theirs, I am a big fan of manually inflating boards. Electric pumps have their place, but if you want quick inflation with high pressure, there is no better pump than the inflatable SUP pump made by Red Paddle Co.

In mid 2015, Red Paddle Co, introduced the Titan Pump. A double chamber pump that inflates a board twice as quickly with half the effort. I’ll let Green Water Sports take it over from here, they are the Red Paddle Co and inflatable stand up paddle board experts. Read their article on how the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump works.