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The perfect adventure and touring inflatable SUP

The Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Voyager inflatable SUP board is an incredible exploring and cruising inflatable paddle board. We especially enjoy it for touring our local river and fishing from it. We’ve even fished with crab pots the deck is so large and convenient. Updated in 2021 with the revolutionary V-Hull, the sculpted bottom of the board breaks the surface tension of the water increasing glide and helping the board track even better than before. We find it works great on flat water, and up to medium chop. Even if loaded down with kids, it cut’s through the water smoothly and doesn’t push a lot of water like a normal iSUP with nose rocker does.

The 12’6″ Voyager inflatable paddle board is for those who want to know what is around the next bend in the river or in the next bay.

We got ours from Green Water Sports, the leading inflatable SUP shop.