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Stand Up Paddling or SUP in Cabarete

Stand Up Paddling, or SUPing, has been taking the water sports world by storm the last few years. Whether it is surfing the waves, cruising over open ocean, riding river rapids or paddling around lakes, SUP’s charm is that it is accessible to all. Boards are available in sizes which are more barge-like than board-like, but will provide floatation and stability to all comers, right down to regular surfboard size wave demolishers.

Cabarete provides everything a SUPer could ever need. A river, a lagoon and of course the ocean with world class waves and a protected bay for beginner ocean SUPers. SUP Cabarete carries Starboard, JP and Imagine SUP boards. While Carib Wind Center carries Naish, Oxbow and BIC boards among others. Both centres offer lessons and rentals. Do yourself a favour and get out on a SUP! You’ll be glad you did.

But, before you go, check the Cabarete wind and wave conditions here.