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Stand up paddle boarding for excercise

Paddle boarding is an exceptional all body work out, while being almost no impact. With the right posture and paddle stroke, stand up paddle boarding can basically have no negative side effects.

Let’s look at a few reasons why stand up paddle boarding is such a healthy and balanced sport. The health benefits of paddle boarding are, as mentioned above, exceptional. Green Water Sports, retailers of the best inflatable paddle boards like Red Paddle Co, featured an article a while back about why paddle boarding is just so good for us and included six reasons.

An excerpt from the article as it appears on Green Water Sports:

Paddle boarding is a great all over body workout. Head to toe, every muscle is engaged in balancing on the board or during the paddle stroke with the bulk of the effort being done by the body’s ‘core’ muscles. As the name suggests, the core muscles are integral to the support and function of your whole body. A strong core is a strong body.

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