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Safety first on the water this summer

If you’re looking to get into stand up paddle boarding this summer, or just waiting by the window for the snow to melt to get back out there on your most favourite board, you’d be doing everyone a very big favour to learn or remind yourself some of the United States Coast Guard rules for SUPs. The USCG decided SUPs were vessels, albeit human powered, and therefore require PFDs, whistles and lights.

Long story short: When outside surf zones, you can carry a PFD on your board or wear an inflatable style PFD on your person. A whistle easily packs into this belt bag or ties onto your PFD lashed to the deck. The light is only required if you’re paddling after sunset and before sunrise.

Of note, these rules aren’t all enforced in the same manner around your state or country so be sure to check with local authorities, the USCG merely made recommendations to follow.

For more information about the USCG rules, view this excellent article by Green Water Sports: US Coast Guard rules for stand up paddle boarding.