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Choosing the right Ke Nalu SUP paddle

Ke Nalu is a plug and play SUP paddle system. Each blade, shaft and handle are all interchangeable which makes for easy customisation, upgrading, downgrading or length testing.

Ke Nalu currently offers 7 blades, 7 shafts and 5 handle options. The blades are carbon, fiberglass or nylon:

  • Elite Molokai
  • Elite Maliko
  • Elite Wiki
  • xTuf Molokai (fiberglass)
  • xTuf Maliko (fiberglass)
  • xTuf Wiki (fiberglass)
  • Honu (Nylon)

The shafts are all carbon:

  • xTuf
  • xTuf(Stiffer)
  • 90 Flex
  • 100 Flex
  • 100 Flex Long
  • Quick Clamp Adjustable UD
  • Quick Clamp Adjustable 3K

The handle options are all carbon:

  • Classic T
  • Ergo
  • Ergo T
  • Extended Ergo T
  • Extended Ergo T & Adjustable Bracket

If you wanted to know that’s 7x7x5=245 paddle combinations. You’ll surely find what you’re looking for here!

The Ke Nalu SUP paddles are now available via our activity partners, Green Water Sports. View the range here or see the entire range of SUP paddle available here.