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The Cabarete Classic 2012

Starting tomorrow, Cabarete will play host to the 7th Annual Cabarete Classic. This year’s event is scheduled for July 12th to the 15th, 2012. An event with a windsurfing focus, the Classic’s categories for the slalom are: mini juniors, juniors, sport class, women’s class, and open class. Categories for the formula class are: sport class and open class. There will also be a long distance race for advanced windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Another great event on Cabarete’s main bay. Check it out!

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Cabarete Bay Kite Challenge 2012

Press Release from CBKC: Competitors from all over the world came together to join us for this great event in Cabarete. Strong winds and a good time for all. This event was highly anticipated by Cabarete, international spectators, and particpants alike. CBKC promised and delivered a great event, an exciting battle of freestyle kiteboarding.

Cabarete is revered as one of the best kite spots on the globe. It offers beautiful beaches, natural ambience and strong wind. Cabarete is a prime kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing, laser sailing and SUP destination.

Competitors battled against each other and mother nature for prizes and bragging rights. Competitors came from all over the world just to be here; South Africa, France, Estonia, Canada, Ireland, United States and of course, the Dominican Republic. Lauren and the Kite Challenge organizers opened the fundraising Friday evening, one week before main event, with a silent auction, movie screening of F-One “Antandroy” and raffles at the Carib Wind Center and Eze Bar in Cabarete. Then, closed the event on the evening of June 17th with another silent auction, more great raffles and award ceremony, at Club Ojo in Cabarete.

This event would not have been possible without the support of our international and national sponsors. To see who they are and more event information, please visit our Facebook page and help support – This is an incredible organization doing loads of good here in the Dominican Republic.

This event turned out better than we could’ve ever imagined. We hope to do it again next year and bring the community together, once again to enjoy this wonderful sport.

Lauren Bowcutt & CBKC Volunteers

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WEPA Cabarete – May 28 to June 2, 2012

To be held in just a few weeks, WEPA Cabarete is designed to showcase what the town has to offer. Activities for the adventurous or something the whole family can enjoy, Cabarete has it all!

Register, pay your US$150, and you’ll have access to all the scheduled activities for the week. This should not be missed.

Follow the kiting and SUPing action on the Kite Beach Webcam.

Information from the WEPA Cabarete website:

WEPA stands for: Wind Energy Playa Ambience, all the things that make Cabarete what it is today!

It is a non-profit event scheduled to take place on Cabarete beach from Monday 28th of May until Saturday 2nd of June 2012.

WEPA is the fruit of the collaboration between some long time established businesses in Cabarete.

WEPA is a showcase of Cabarete’s uniqueness and a fund raiser, to enable young talented local athletes stars to participate in competitions around the world and promote Cabarete there.