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Paddle board technique

Green Water Sports has listed several awesome “how-to” videos in their tutorials section. The video series features Sam Ross from the UK on his Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP and is filmed in Turkey. The series starts with a video conveniently called “Getting Started on a Stand up Paddle Board.” He then moves on to cover “Kneeling on a SUP,” “Standing on a stand up paddle board,” and then goes into paddling technique and advanced strokes and turns.

Stay tuned to this series in the SUP tutorials section at Green Water Sports and you’ll learn everything you need to know about stand up paddle boarding and the best technique for efficient and injury free paddle boarding.

Cabarete Caribbean News Paddle Boarding SUP Surfing

How to inflate stand up paddle board

This is a brief “how to” on how to inflate an inflatable stand up paddle board, iSUP or inflatable SUP by Red Paddle Co. The process is fairly simple:

  • Unzip the Red Paddle Co backpack.
  • Remove the inflatable stand up board and HP pump.
  • Remove the board strap and unfurl it on even ground. A grassy or sandy patch is best.
  • Attach the pump line to the board’s valve.
  • PUMP!
  • Pressure should come to at least 15psi but best to 20psi – take about 10 mins.
  • Don’t forget to attached your stand up paddle leash.

For a video on how to inflate your iSUP, check out this video at Green Water Sports.

Cabarete Caribbean News Paddle Boarding SUP Surfing

Green Water Sports goes lives!

Green Water Sports – the premier online stand up paddle board store, has just gone live with a launch range of Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs and Great Lakes Paddleboards. An extensive range of hard and inflatable stand up paddle boards. The range also includes SUP paddles, paddle accessories and SUP board leashes.