Cabarete Kite Beach Webcam does not take any responsibility for the unreliable nature of the internet, the power supply to the webcam and computer (even with a backup power source), the wind strength, the swell size or your (in)ability to kite.
We endeavour to have the webcam running as much as possible, at least at times when the sun is up and it would be possible to kite if the conditions allow it.
In the event that the webcam is not working, suck it up, come to the beach and check the conditions yourself. If you're overseas and you can't come to the beach, you wouldn't be able to kite here anyway so come back when it's working or get yourself on a plane and come visit us.
These images are purely for informative and entertainment purposes only.
Use the images at your own risk and judge the weather conditions for yourself and your ability.

If you have a problem with the complete denial of any and all responsibilities, email us.