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Which inflatable SUP to buy?

If you’re asking yourself this question, congratulations, you’ve made a very good decision to become more active and have fun at the same time. Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, has been booming the last couple of years thanks to it’s unique ability to bring together people from all backgrounds, to enjoy nature and keep people fit and happy.

Now, choosing which inflatable SUP to buy can be a little daunting at first. You’re new to the sport, not quite sure what to expect, how often you’ll paddle, etc. Never fear, everyone has the same questions.

So, it comes down to 4 factors:

  1. Your size and weight
  2. How you plan to use the board
  3. Transporting and storing the board
  4. And of course, price

Each factor is important but is variable in ‘importance’ for each buyer. Perhaps you live on the water’s edge and transportation and storage is not important. Perhaps you’re a gazillionaire and price is no object. Any way you slice it, a new board purchase is governed by the above 4 factors. Green Water Sports goes into more detail in their “Choosing a paddle board” article that you should read to understand each factor fully to make the right decision for you. See you on the water!

Cabarete Caribbean News Paddle Boarding SUP Surfing

Buying a stand up paddle board

Buying a stand up paddle board is really quite simple. Our partners at Green Water Sports are the authority on inflatable Red Paddle Co SUPs and they’ve provided a few guides to paddle boarding first timers.

Firstly, you’ll want to consult this guide to choosing a SUP paddle board and then, you need a paddle, so you’ll want to check out this guide to choosing a SUP paddle. The SUP paddle guide also features a short section on how to measure your SUP paddle so you can be paddling efficiently and comfortably right away.

Here is an excerpt from the guide at

Working out which stand up paddle board to buy should not be a difficult process. Board sizes, widths, volumes and construction can be a little overwhelming for first timers and skilled SUPers so we have put together a short list of things to consider when choosing a SUP board. Remember, once you have chosen your paddle board, you’ll need to chose a SUP paddle.

Choosing the right paddle board for you comes down to 4 criteria…

Read more of the guide to SUP boards here.

Cabarete Caribbean News Paddle Boarding SUP Surfing

Buy inflatable stand up paddle board

In the market to buy an inflatable stand up paddle board? Green Water Sports are the foremost authority on the inflatable SUPs by Red Paddle Co and they are the people to visit! Red Paddle Co SUPs are the world’s best and most popular iSUPs (inflatable stand up paddle boards).

New to paddle boarding? Check out why paddle boarding is so good for you and then read these guides for choosing an inflatable SUP paddle board and choosing a SUP paddle.

Here is an excerpt from “Why is paddle boarding so good for us?” at

Paddle boarding is a great all over body workout. Head to toe, every muscle is engaged in balancing on the board or during the paddle stroke with the bulk of the effort being done by the body’s ‘core’ muscles. As the name suggests, the core muscles are integral to the support and function of your whole body. A strong core is a strong body.

“It feels like you’re standing on an exercise ball, swimming and cycling at the same time!”

Read more of the SUP fitness article here. Alternatively, you can head directly to their inflatable SUP board page here.