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Which way do you hold a SUP paddle?

Do you know? I didn’t the first time I tried!  But if you are thinking about stand up paddle boarding this summer for the first time, if you only know one thing, know this: The right way for a SUP paddle to be used!

Everyone does it, I’ve done it, it’s a rite of passage to SUPing heaven. What is it? Well, it’s paddling with the paddle the wrong way around!

On first look it feels right and when you start on your knees it feels right, but once you’re making progress and standing it feels oh so wrong and to the trained eye, looks oh so funny! Read the guide by Green Water Sports about how to hold a SUP paddle correctly and be prepared.

Caribbean News Paddle Boarding SUP Surfing

What is so good about Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs?

Inflatable SUP manufacturer Red Paddle Co sell the most popular stand up paddle board on the market. You probably wouldn’t expect it, but an inflatable stand up paddle board, the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride is in fact the world’s most sold board. People often forget the potential of SUP goes well beyond the coast line and waves. Lakes, rivers, canals, ponds, any body of water is ideal for SUP.

Why is the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride the world’s most popular SUP? Well, Green Water Sports have written a two articles: 1 about the unique features of Red Paddle Co stand up paddle boards why they stand out amongst the other stand up boards on the market. The other they’ve written is a short article about what it is like to be a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP owner. See what sets Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards apart from the rest in their article about the brand’s unique features. Then read more about being a Red Paddle Co SUP owner.

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How do I attach my SUP leash to my board?

One of the most, if not the most, important parts of your SUP kit is your leash. We use leashes for 2 reasons, for your safety, the safety of others. The SUP leash is going to keep you tethered to your board at all times, a hefty floatation device. Read more about why the SUP leash is such an important part of stand up paddling here. There are several types of SUP leash, which we cover in this leash guide, but they all usually attach to you and the board in the same way. The only possible exception would be a leash used on whitewater/rivers that attaches to your waist for even quicker and easier release in case of any emergency.

Attaching your SUP leash can be a little bit confusing the first time around but don’t worry, Green Water Sports have made a little video that helps us connect everything up correctly. Lets take a look at the video: How to attach a SUP leash.