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Stand Up Paddling or SUP in Cabarete

Stand Up Paddling, or SUPing, has been taking the water sports world by storm the last few years. Whether it is surfing the waves, cruising over open ocean, riding river rapids or paddling around lakes, SUP’s charm is that it is accessible to all. Boards are available in sizes which are more barge-like than board-like, but will provide floatation and stability to all comers, right down to regular surfboard size wave demolishers.

Cabarete provides everything a SUPer could ever need. A river, a lagoon and of course the ocean with world class waves and a protected bay for beginner ocean SUPers. SUP Cabarete carries Starboard, JP and Imagine SUP boards. While Carib Wind Center carries Naish, Oxbow and BIC boards among others. Both centres offer lessons and rentals. Do yourself a favour and get out on a SUP! You’ll be glad you did.

But, before you go, check the Cabarete wind and wave conditions here.

Cabarete News SUP Surfing Wind Surfing

WEPA Cabarete – May 28 to June 2, 2012

To be held in just a few weeks, WEPA Cabarete is designed to showcase what the town has to offer. Activities for the adventurous or something the whole family can enjoy, Cabarete has it all!

Register, pay your US$150, and you’ll have access to all the scheduled activities for the week. This should not be missed.

Follow the kiting and SUPing action on the Kite Beach Webcam.

Information from the WEPA Cabarete website:

WEPA stands for: Wind Energy Playa Ambience, all the things that make Cabarete what it is today!

It is a non-profit event scheduled to take place on Cabarete beach from Monday 28th of May until Saturday 2nd of June 2012.

WEPA is the fruit of the collaboration between some long time established businesses in Cabarete.

WEPA is a showcase of Cabarete’s uniqueness and a fund raiser, to enable young talented local athletes stars to participate in competitions around the world and promote Cabarete there.

Cabarete News SUP Surfing Wind Surfing

Cabarete’s 10th Master of the Ocean Event

Coming up in just a few days is the 10th annual Master of the Ocean. Originally a triathlon of water sports including surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing it now also includes SUP surfing as a 4th sport!

As explained on the Master of the Ocean website:

Master of the Ocean is the world’s most complete watersport competition in four categories, which has created a new class of elite and multi-sport waterman/woman.

As the only competition of its kind, Master of the Ocean challenges the most skilled surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers and SUP surfers with 5 days of extreme water skills and showcases the best of the Caribbean Northshore near Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Cabarete is probably one of the best locations in the world for an event like this. Not many places offer great surfing and kiting or windsurfing conditions the same day, every day! This time of year, the surf in Cabarete is in the peak of the wave season, while the wind in Cabarete is starting to come out of the winter storms and into the warmer trade winds of the summer.